Friday, April 18, 2008

Tools of the trade, and recently completed stuff

Ive picked up recently an ashford top whorl drop spindle to add to my collection. Its working just as well as the CD spinner, but it spins faster but it also has a bit more weight to it to spin, so its working out really well. cant wait till i get to try out other types of wool. the stuff i have right now is ok but it could be a bit softer. i think its just the batch of rovings that i bout cause they were ment to be used for spirit sheilds and such and i dont think it was meant for spinning...but it seems to be working well for practice so far....i guess the real test is what it feels like when i go to knit it.

some more of my completed projects, which i used my old cabbage patch doll to model it for me, a baby hat for a friend who is expecting and is due sometime in october.

Ive also made some dance footies with an easy to follow pattern from my dance troupe friend who is big into knitting as well. They'e worked so far but i think they could be a weeee bit tighter, but they might tighten up when i go to wash them. this is so i get the right amount of slippage when i go to dance and not stick to the floor when doing turns, trip over my feet and fall flat on my face (its bellydance practice and some turns are tricky if your feet are sticky)

for my pics tho, all i can say is i love my little camera. its so tiny but it takes massively huge pics and in decent detail

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