Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bath and body gift ideas

Ive been playing around with homemade cosmetics for some time...and Lip balms are the easiest thing to make on the stove.

Generally the main ingredients I use in mine are:

cooking oil of some sor - Usually grapeseed or olive oil is recommended
petrolium jelly - unscented (you can skip this if you don't want petrolium based products)
unbleached beeswax
5 drops of essential oil of choice

if its too stiff, add more oils (or petrolium jelly), and if its too soft, add more wax

be careful what essential oil you use cause citrus ones can promote sunburns, and certain other oils are skin irritants.

Also be aware that certain ingredients can cause allergic reactions if you use an oil or additive they might be allergic to. As an example, one of the more common food allergens is coconut.

here's a few sites that you guys might find helpful

Lip Balm recipies

Bath Bombs

Melt and Pour soap recipies



Jennifer said...

Can you get chocolate essential oil?

Kiera-Oona said...

well, you can use cocoa butter, or shey butter, or even chocolate chips or cocoa powder.....so its really up to you...I made a soap for Sonarr with instant coffee and vanilla burbon....