Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fire alarm woes

So...Im having breakfast this morning...puttering around the puter......and the building's fire alarm goes off.

There were signs everywhere saying they were testing the alarms...but I had an inkling this wasnt part of the test.

I grab the cat carrier out of the closet, and try to shove my cat Leeloo into it. She, already being startled by the loud noises, darted under the bed. I had to shove her out with the shaggy dust broom, and shoved her in the carrier.

I nabbed my keys, the phone, and my coat, and dashed down several flights of stairs.

Lo and behold, somehow Im the first one outside, everyone lazing their way out, and some even came down in the elevators!

If this was a real emergency....half those people would have been toast. I think there were also people in the building who didnt even leave their appartments.

The fire department came and went, and it was a false alarm. Thus leaving poor leeloo in a panic'd state cause of the dogs in the building, the really fridgid air, and being outside...which she stays indoors 99% of the time(unless shes in her harness on the leash)

so...for those in appartment buildings...make sure you know where your exits are, and keep your animal carriers handy for your cats, and make sure you have an escape route, And DONT take the elevators! Taking the elevators, unless you are in a wheel chair has got to be the dumbest thing anyone can do in a potential fire situation.

I was downstairs in less than 5 minutes. I wasnt really timing myself, but i got down there as fast as humanly possible.

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