Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day thoughts and link to quilt fabric giveaway

I try to keep earth day almost every day....I dont litter, I try to recycle and reuse as much as I can, I dont drive a car, or if I did I would carpool. I upcycle clothes rather than throwing them out, and I reuse my scraps for decoupage. The only lights I have on in the house when I am not home, are plant bulbs to try to get seedlings started in my mini greenhouse before transplanting them outside to my balcony garden. I also recycle old candle wax to reconstitute new candles.

Granted its not perfect, but its a start

And now....a rant.....

For those who usually dont use leather on principle of harming animals just for their skins....and I dont want any hate email for this thought, (only positive points of view please) but put this in your two cents thought bucket from an omnivore myself . This is my environmental thought of the day...yes i like eating meat, and I dont intend on changing....BUT....

Do you have any idea how many polutants are going into the environment from the production of things like polyester, vynal, and nylon? Leather is biodegradable...even the chrome tanned skins (I speak from experience on leather articles i have seen fall apart from wear and tear from sweat, mold, etc) why not try it undyed and just protected with a beeswax base to prevent water from seeping through on 100% leather deerhide moccasins? Most 'vegetable tan' leather is tanned using oak bark. Buckskins (from elk and deer mostly) are tanned by using ash, boggy leaves, brains from the animal, eggs, and potatoes.

Also, leathers and most domestic furs (especially rabbit, moose, reindeer, elk, etc) are from the food industry, (cause no matter how much you might protest, people will not stop eating hamburgers or steaks) so why let the bones and fur go to waste. I would much rather use 100% of the animal, or as much as i possibly can, if I were ever to go hunting myself, rather than letting hides and bones go to waste...You can make wonderful jewellery out of bone, you can use the brains to tan the hide, and you aren't polluting the environment.

Also, leather, like most natural fibers, are somewhat flame retardant as well. Thats why back in ye olde days, blacksmiths used leather smocks and leather they didnt get scortched if a hot piece of slag flew at them with gusto from hitting the anvil while making tools or swords or whatever it is blacksmiths back in the day made.

Just my two cents.

Anyhow, enough of my leather rant....

They at work dont exactly give us time off to go do social cleanups like the one our mayor would prefer everyone participate...but I try to clean up when I can while walking through the park from garbage, and I give shit to my friends when they litter.

This weekend Im gonna grab some of the biodegradable value village bags (which are a cool idea on their own) and go do some cleanup in the park myself....hopefully with a friend of mine or two (im sure one of them will help me out)

Ive also been saving up some paper in a box for a while now. Im going to take that paper, from old bills, invoices, and random stuff like junkmail, turn on my blender, turn it into pulp, grab one of the window screens from my appartment, and see what I can do to make myself some 100% recycled drawing or painting paper.

Now for some info for those artists who like to experiment with traditional mediums...this is a great article on how to make Egg Tempra Paints.
Its again also quite biodegradable, and you could probably even use food dye if you wanted with this as your pigments. Granted it might be a bit light, but its something you could try....or perhaps dried herbs that would bring out dried onion powder, which would probably produce yellow, some blueberries, that might produce a blue/purple color....just try and experiment

And also in other news, in the quilting world, there is a quilting giveaway for some Moda Fabric!

Vickie's Blog can be found here! She's a wonderful quilter and she has some of the cutest projects that she's completed on her blog.


Sherry said...

You go girl. I like the fact that your tring to make a difference. I think I'm going to take a walk this weekend myself and pick up some garbage myself. Well here we might have lots the city is on strick and we don't have garbage pick for the past 2 weeks and I don't know what people think when they put there garbage out and leave there for the 2 weeks I think they think the city fairies might come by.
To a better earth Keep it up Kiara

Kiera-Oona said...

I just find that doing little things make a big impact in the end. Its also helping the fact that the city JUST instituted a styrofoam recycling plan. I usually reuse them for paint trays and crafts before i toss them...but now that i can recycle them it makes things so much better. I was wondering when they might actually do something about that

Btw, go to the threadbanger website for ideas on how to fuse plastic bags into purses, knittables and such.

i remember reading around the time of earth hour a lady takes milk bags and knits them into sleeping mats for kids in cambodia.

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