Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Week Cleanup

I didnt get to do much for earth week, other than getting some dirt for my balcony garden.

In the spirit of earth day, i tied my hair up, got some garden gloves, a big biodegradeable bag from my many treks to value village, and my flip flops (which was silly of me) and trodded out to the hills in the park near home.

For those of you in the toronto area, I started at the top of the taylor creek park entrance at Lumsden Avenue, and went to work.

At the top of the hill alone, I found abandoned childrens toys, half a hockey stick, a wire flowerbed fence runaround, 2 large tarps, and more bags and styrofoam containers than I could shake any stick at!

I apologize in advance for the lower quality of the photos...they were taken with my cellphone.

This is what the hills usually look like...with all the garbage wrapped around trees, wrappers stuck in the ground....and its just a downright mess with is horrid what people throw out.

This is the size of the bag I used... I refilled this sucker about 6 times over and didnt even get to the halfway point between top and bottom of the hill. The black garbage bins at the top of the hill were empty when I started. They're really full now...almost to the top.

This is what a 1/4 of the way down looked like after I had cleaned up every last bit of garbage I could find. There was even a broken ceramic sink down there. I couldnt clean up all the pieces cause there were some rather large chunks and I didnt want to risk it ripping through the bag and cutting my leg (ive had that already happen to me once with a plate)

So...for those who thanked me while they were walking through the time dont thank me....get off your ass, grab a bag and some gloves and help me instead of just patting me on the shoulder. This is something I kick myself for, for not being able to do it more often, and I want to slap upside the head anyone who litters like that. Its absolutely disgusting!

Thanks for letting me rant. I am now sunburnt and tired, but at least I got it done.

In other news, at least the temperature hit a wonderful 28 degrees and I got to rest under a budding tree when I was done....till the massive wind and thunderstorm hit.

Now I take my leave, have a dinner, and some wine.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

You have done a fantastic job! it looks so much cleaner and better that when you started. ((((hugs for your hard work))))

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