Thursday, June 04, 2009

We will miss you! RIP to two major names in my books.

Its a funny thing...time. You sit there reading your your favorite book for the 10th time, or sit there and watch your favorite movie, thinking that some people will live on forever. The next thing that happens you turn a page in a newspaper, or in my case the internet, and you realize the world is a bit less bright.

The first major loss is to the fantasy literary world. David Eddings. I have read the entire Belgariad/Malorean series AND the aftermaths of Belgarath and Polgara. I also somewhat started in on the crystal throne series, but I have yet to read them in order. I also have yet to read his other works, but I feel a bit saddened that he wont be writing about any more worlds to delve into.

Secondly, David Carradine. I grew up watching Kung Fu The legend Continues. I have seen the spoofs he did on Saturday Night Live and Mad TV. I also have recently re-watched Kill Bill (and yes both parts). I have always wondered how good his tai chi tapes really were but I never got the opportunity to sit down and watch. He has also done many voiceovers, and other productions. The news says he hung himself. I wonder if thats really the case, because he doesn't come accross as the type who would have committed suicide...but then again, the same could be said by many stars that have passed on from this world over the many decades we have had movies and television.

There have been other notables who have passed away within the past few days, but these two kinda hit a string with me.

Maybe one day we will see them on the flipside of life, but for now...Im going to remember the stories and movies in my head, and remember them at their finest.

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