Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Simple and Stylin' 80s inspired leg warmers

I hope you enjoy this basic pattern for some slightly slouchy 80's styled leg warmers.

The pattern is good for beginner knitters, or even just something fun for the experienced. You could probably use intarsa or fair isle to put whatever patterns you wanted on it. I just used a variegated acrylic for this. If you use one color, its a really quick knit.

Well, without further delay, here's the materials list and pattern:

Worsted weight /Aran weight acrylic wool
US 5 Circular or Double Pointed needles.
A pair of scissors
a yarn needle for weaving in the ends.
A stitch marker -not necessary but nice to have
a stitch counter - again not necessary but really handy


Cast on 66 stitches
Rib stitch for 20 rows
Knit for 60 rows
In rib formation, Knit one, purl 2 together

Rib stitch for the next 20 rows.
Bind off
Tuck in your ends and you are done!

You can modify the pattern to be a bit tighter  or looser by increasing or decreasing your cast on by a few stitches.

Enjoy and use to stay warm in the cold weather.


Jennifer said...

Pretty! and they look warm, too.

Lori Thorne said...

What ribbing did you use? I normally use k2, p2 ribbing, would that work for the legwarmers? Nice pattern, by the way! :-)

Kiera-Oona said...

I should have mentioned in the pattern it's a 1x1 rib, but you can do a 2x2 rib if you cast on the right amount to do so. It might adjust the size slightly, but you can alter it slightly to fit your leg size. I don't usually do guages (which is bad of me not to) so I cant say how many stitches per inch it was.