Sunday, April 25, 2010

2nd annual Taylor Park Cleanup Day

Here's the preliminary scenario from yesterday (April 24th). I went out for a birthday/meetup for our larp group and my troupe leader of our dance troupe down at one of the fire pits down in Taylor Creek Park down here in Toronto. Throughout the day, there wasn't a single person who showed up that didn't wind up walking on broken glass at some point throughout the day. The benches had broken glass beside them, and all around the fire pit, and even in the field where we were attempting to have a bit of a foam sword face off. I was trying to do indigo tattoos for people, and there was several points in the day where I was practically kneeling on glass (due to angles of artistic brilliance and trying to get the dye to take).

So, this year, my friend Purple joined me for a park makeover. It was a hell of a job we had.

To start off, as soon as we got to the park, someone took the life preservers that the city puts up around the park in case someone falls into the river, were found in the river, along with an orange traffic cone. Apparently some punk kids like throwing them in the river for no reason. We managed to get one of the two rafts out of the river (cause the water is bloody cold and we didnt want to go IN the river) and fished out the pylon.

We went along the river bank and picked up what bags that were wrapped around the roots of trees, and we even found Duplo blocks, Wonderbread bags, and a sock.

Next we walked along the main pathway to the fire pit where we had our meet up yesterday, picking up all sorts of crap along the way, including broken glass, more plastic bags, and tissues people just dumped. Someone also shaved their dog, but thankfully dog hair is biodegradable, and didn't really have time to pick that up, so we made a bit of an executive deicion to leave it.

Afterwards, we finally got up to the fire pit.

Purple started sweeping the fire pit to centralize the glass into the main fire pit so that people didnt have to walk on it. (thankfully if someone sets a fire, the glass will eventually melt)

This is the many bags of junk, being mostly glass, that we cleaned up.

In the above pics are the various bags of junk we collected. Purple did a fantastic job of sweeping up the picnic/firepit area, while I went into the back woods around the fire pit to grab what I could.

I found the remenants of various frames of chairs, firepit roasting apparatus that was probably bought at the dollar store, a saw blade, and probably about a full case of beer worth of glass, on top of a lot of styrofoam plates, and plastic forks and knives that were just thrown in the woods close by. Throughout the day Purple and I semi screamed and grumbled our frustrations as we cleaned up and got as much crap as we could.

This is the variety of junk I cleared out of the wooded area.

In total, I think between the two of us, we picked up the frames of 4 lawn chairs, about 2 cases of 24 beers of glass, (including smirnof and bacardi bottles) condom wrappers (thankfully no used condoms), bread bags, shopping bags, water bottles, beer cans, a bike break, lego, socks, several kool-aid juice packs, several bags of dog waste, and various other materials that I couldnt even identify.

This is Purple in the pic, just so you know its not me.

All being done, I think for the 4 hours we cleaned up, we did better than any city worker would actually attempt. Im just thankful I didn't do the cleaning alone this time. I would like to put out a special thanks to Purple for pitching in.

If anyone who is in the area who would like to help out....feel free to contact me at the beginning of April next year, because I will be setting up another cleanup.

As for the folks who thanked us for cleaning...why not pitch in and make it better for everyone? If everyone pitched in, the parks would be just that much better....not just for us, but for all the duckies, foxes, bunnies, and deer that inhabit the park as well. And please, for the love of whatever or whomever....please pick up after your dogs and keep them on a leash..and put the crap in the bins....the park isn't a leash free zone, and I don't like soggy doggies dribbling all over me, or stepping in doggie droppings when I go for my walks.

Now that I'm done my rant...all in all it was a good day. Sorry about the quality of the pics, as they were taken from my cellphone. Also, since I did say I had prizes, and Purple was the only one who showed, She got both! I made an earth day wall quilt (as seen below), as well as a hand dyed with indigo dye bag made of 100% cotton.

This is the quilt that Purple got to take home with her. I didn't take a pic of the bag I dyed tho.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

That's a fabulous quilt Purple now owns! People are messy buggers, aren't they.

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