Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A special thank you, and links, pics, and info on henna or indigo dyes

I just wanted to say a special thank you to all those who follow my blog, give advice on various projects, and show your support for my various projects, and those who feed my crafting habits.

I had gone to the textile museum with Jennifer from the Bronze Wombat, and checked out their indigo dye exhibit.

I had decided to experiment with a few plant based dyes.

Henna on the left. For the indigo on the right, I only used a half a shot full shot glass of dye. (mind you it looks like I killed a smurf in my bathtub. It will come out of the tub eventually...I hope)

What is Indigo you ask? Its a plant that is used for blue dye. Its a nice leafy green plant that kinda looks like spinach. But, when crushed, brewed, or boiled, it can dye fabric, wood, yarn, and skin blue. There are multiple varieties. Some you can just crush into wool and go, others you have to brew it to get the dye out and onto your project (kinda like onion skins, or berries)

The type I used were freeze dried crystals, so when added to water, it activates the dye, but it is an extract from the plant. (isn't science nifty?) As long as it is kept in my airtight containers, it wont degrade easily and keep its staining powers for a long time.

For info on the indigo plant and dyes, go to Wikipedia for more info

To check out where I got the dye, go to www.hennapage.com


Rose Marie said...

This is amazing ..... a lot of people dye their own wool and fabrics and I can see you having fun with batiks.

Jennifer said...

I like your wools! Hope you are feeling better soon, it's a bummer being sick.