Saturday, May 15, 2010

Anticraft project - content warning: skeletons, macabre

I love those delightfully devious folks at The Anticraft. They posted a while ago an idea of redoing some angels you might find in a trift store or dollar store.

I found these angels in the local Value Village. I used high gloss outdoor podge to make my angels all shiney, then added some Future Floorwax to it to make it not tacky (cause podge does that sometimess) The pic on the left is the before shot, and the one on the right is the after shot.

The cool thing is the ones on the left and right are candle holders. I know its not halloween, but Im going to get some nice black candles to go with those two.

Just as a tip to get the angels to stand out more, for those of you who are painters, or paint models, use a bit of a dark gray drybrush to get the black to stand out. Especially if you decide to coat them in a matte finish. This way you can see all the folds in the fabrics they are wearing.

I will make another post soon on all the larp gear I've either had to fix, make, or do from scratch.

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