Thursday, November 18, 2010

Intro into leather carving, part 1 and 2

For all those who have been interested in how leather is carved.

Part 1

Part 2

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Rose Marie said...

Wow .... this was really interesting.

This brought back memories (ummmm about 40 yrs. ago), I paid someone to make me a purse (hand tooled and painted). It was beautiful!!! Then, my Mom made me a wallet and coin purse to go with it. That purse was well and truly used, so much so, that it was absolutely filty and I just couldn't clean it and had to finally trash it. Oh, how I bemoan doing that.

I've never tried this medium ... you sure made it look easy.

I'm surprised that your kitty didn't try to help you again.

Kiera-Oona said...

Believe me, she was trying to hop up and investigate between takes. Huzzah for video editing programs.

Quite a few people take a look at hand carved leather items that tend to be a bit on the expensive side....but the difference between getting a hand carved belt for 60-80$ depending on the design, versus a 10$ walmart special, the difference is in the test of time. I made Doug a belt several years ago (while I was still working for Tandy), and other than looking a bit color faded, its holding up..Whereas a 10$ belt would have fallen apart in months because they use cheap glue and even cheaper stitching.