Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Xmas starts early in my house

Hello fellow readers. I just wanted to type a little bit on how the holidays work in my house. I start early. REALLY early. Moreso than I would usually like to. Its rather difficult to get all my projects done in time. Especially when those projects are for 20+ people. We're refering to a wide gammit of gifts ranging to jewellery, to stuffies, to knitted or quilted. I've already started in on 3 gifts. One gift, someone asked me for in advance for their tree this year. I've started in on a gift for one of my two nephews, and I have the other gift planned for my other nephew. I've also started in on the knitting projects for friends for late fall birthdays and holiday gifts.

The hardest part of all this is, I have 2 people on my list that are in December that are on the birthday AND holiday gift list. My hubby being one of them. The other hard part is he doesn't give me any hints as to what he would want me to make him...which makes it THAT much more difficult. At least my other friend is easy to make for. I have plans....muhahahaha *cough*

In terms of my immediate family, I have 5 adults, 2 nephews, and 2 other extended family members. I also have my in-laws (I try to figure out what to do for all 3, at least Jenny is easy...she's a crafter like me).

Then there is all my close friends that I game or dance with. I try to get everyone....but it's not always possible.

So....starting early is part of my keys to success when it comes to holiday gift giving. I try to plan out everyone's potential gift ahead of time when making my list. My hubby helps with getting the supplies I need, and the occasional gift wrapping, or anything that I can't make that needs to be picked up (IE Nintendo games, computer games, quilting supplies, books, etc) and with the shipping for our family members that live overseas or that live a bit far that we don't get to see on a regular basis.

The other difficult part is keeping what I'm making a secret till the gifts are givin. I take pictures of almost everything I make so I can chronicle it here. But why does it have to be so hard to keep suprizes secret?

So far I have at least 12 knitted gifts to attempt to get done, 6 sewing projects, and about 5 more people I still have yet to decide what to make for them. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

OK....good luck! *grin*

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