Monday, August 06, 2012

For SCIENCE! - Landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars - with links to Nasa

Ok...I know this isn't MY DIY project....this one belongs to NASA.  Kudos on a job well done!

This very morning at 1:30ish am.  The Mars rover Curiosity landed on Mars in a spectacularly built Rube Goldbergian series of events. 

They were only off of their original landing site by about 230 meters, from what I heard on the live broadcast. 

Curiosity has already sent us some photos of the ground and its wheels, but the fact that it was sitting upright, the way it was designed to land, and sending back pics is amazing!

You can view the landing sequence that they had built on NASA's website, as well as the first pictures that Curiosity sent back.

You can also follow Curiosity on Twitter. (yes, a Mars rover has its own Twitter feed)

It was rather tiring, but exciting, cause myself, my partner, and a friend of ours watched the whole thing on NASA's website live till almost 2am Toronto, Canada time.

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