Friday, October 12, 2012

Creativ Festival

I went to the Creativ Festival today.  Met some nice people that I already knew the vendors, and some that I didn't.  Got some alpaca fibre to spin, some hallowe'en quilting fabrics, and got to pet an alpaca called Ozzy (who kept bugging his owner for food while she was working the cash register). 

Special shout out to the folks at the Gaudet Fashion House booth.  Both for inspiring me to think of more crafting videos, and for chatting it up with me.  Also thanks for watching my blog and youtube chanel!   

We were not allowed to take photos (which there were a few that I really wanted to take) so I don't have any pics for you all, but I might take some photos of the stuff I picked up.  Its not much, and i could have easily sunk an entire paycheque (especially on the Sew Sister's booth, the Gaudet Fashion House booth on their felting fibre, and the many yarn and fibre stores), but its fun, and I'm looking forward to some sewing and spinning.

I picked up some fabric from the Lens Mills booth as well.  For the Torontonians, I have been shopping at the Lens Mills outlet in Cambridge (ontario) since I was young.  I loved all of the varieties of fabric they have (cause they have the space), and have been shopping with them for years.  I have just found out they opened an outlet at 66 Orfus Road!

I also picked up some information leaflettes on the Ontario Alpaca farmers, and some fibre from the Canadian Alpaca Fibre Works booth, from Datrix Alpacas and as well as Spinning Wheel Alpacas.

I picked up some felting fibre from the Gaudet Fashion House booth as well.

I know that the folks at Sew Knit n' Serge were there as well, and I also said hello. I will be shopping at their store in a few days to get some knitting supplies for a friend of mine who lives out of town.  For those looking for frill yarns, if you can get to the festival, they have the most variety of the frill yarns and novelty yarns from what I could see. I also know their outlet store is very large.  They also sell Bernina machines, knitting machines, and long arm quilting machines.

I got to use a spinning wheel with Tigra and the other fine folks at the Ontario Handspinners and weavers booth.  It was the first time using a spinning wheel in well over two decades.  I think I got the hang of it towards the end of the roving.  I also liked Tigra's drop spindle with Perler beads.  Its an interesting take on the homemade spindle, and I will definately see if I can make one too.  It looked like it was a good weight for lightweight yarns, for either socks or laceweight if one is brave enough to spin that fine.  She was working on a merino/silk mix when I met her.

I also stopped by the SCA booth.  Being a LARPer, I like the reinactments.  Its always interesting to see weaving techniques that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old.

Thats all for now.  I have lots of inspiration to use some of the beading supplies that I have, and fibre enough to keep me busy for a while. 

For anyone who saw me traversing the floor today, I was the one wearing the patchwork skirt and the rainbow cat tail and starry bandana. 

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Jennifer said...

That was you i the patchwork skirt and rainbow tail? Fancy that - I would never have guessed!