Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Christmas Pickle - links

Christmas...Yule...Hanukkah...Festivus....lots of traditions for the winter festivals that we have every year.

In terms of traditions that I hadn't heard of till a few years ago that I think is pretty cool is the Christmas Pickle.

I saw a pickle hanging from a friend's window blinds one day close to the holidays, and asked....why a pickle?

It wasn't a real was one that was just an ornament.

The pickle is meant to help people looking for the pickle to see the rest of the tree, and gain appreciation for the one who took the time, love and care to decorate it.  The pickle is usually hidden somewhere on the tree on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.  It's usually meant for the kids to find before they open their presents.  The one who finds the pickle gets an extra present.

There are many theories and stories as to how the Christmas Pickle came into being.  It is said to have originated in Germany.

I have a Flying Spaghetti Monster on my tree, but no pickle, but if you want to make one, below are some patterns so you can make your own.

Here is a link I found for a crocheted pattern for one:

And one for a knitted one:

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