Sunday, February 23, 2014

Plastic Canvas Nintendo DS pattern

I've been working on some Nintendo DS cases for myself and my hubby over the past little while.  The cases I improvised the pattern for are for the older DS's where you can play the Advance games with the slot in the front of the console.  My hubby's case doesn't have a strip of velcro or button or snap to close it with.  I may put snaps or something on mine to hold it closed, but I'm not sure which method I'm going to use yet.

When using this pattern, I highly advise against using magnets for this may inadvertently erase your games or damage some of the hardware inside your DS if you do. 

However, the pattern I'm posting is for a DS lite case, but it can also be easily tweaked for a 3DS system as well.  For the 3DS, the dimensions might be slightly smaller and the only major change is you may have to move the hole in the back for the plug (from my best estimate on how to change it )

You might even be able to modify this case even further for other systems like a PS Vita or PSP.

The pattern, link to the original pattern maker's blog, follow the link below:

I've modified my case colors to be that of Zelda's Triforce, and Nyan Cat for my case.

Pictures will be taken once both cases are completely finished.

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