Monday, October 13, 2014

Kiera-oona's personal sock pattern

I know this pattern the way it's written might not make much sense, nor is it very fancy, but I have big feet.  These socks fit quite well, and I can't really complain much about how they turn out.  I do have to tweak it a bit still tho.

Considering most of the socks Ive made with this pattern have lasted over a year without getting holes in em, that makes me happy.

I'm also typing this down so that I don't loose the information if my travel pattern book ever goes missing or gets permanently damaged.

These are for size 10 ladies shoesize.

Basic pattern:

US 0, 2.00mm needles

Sisu Sandes Garn Superwash or Patons Kroy superwash yarn

(note slight modifiers between the two yarns.  Kroy is ever so slightly thicker)

Cast on 76 stitches

Rib stitch for 20 rows

Knit for 30 more rows (to row 50

Seperate 34 sts (17 sts on each side of your row marker)

K1, Sl1, k to end of row, turn
p1, sl1, k to end of row, turn

Repeat till you have 26 rows for heel so far

K1, sl1, k2tog, k to end of row, turn
P1, sl1, p2tog, k to end of row, turn

Do this till there's 16 sts left (8 on each side of the marker)

Pick up all your stitches, dec every 4 sts till you get to 68 sts  left on your needles  Best to do this over 2-3 rows.

From stitch pickup, knit for 60 rows, (which should be about 2 inches from end)

Dec on sides of toe for 1 inch (11 rows)every other row (I do k2tog, ssk for each side of the toe)
Dec every row on sides of toe for every row (11 rows)

Bind off, sew up toe. (whichever your prefered method is)

For the super long socks:

These ones come up to just under the knee.  Next pair I make I will probably make it a pinch longer.

I used Pattons Kroy yarn for this pair, US0, 2mm needles

Cast on 112 sts
rib sts for 10 rows, knit to row 50,
dec 1 stitch ever 11 sts on row 51
knit to row 55
dec 1 sts every 10 sts, on row 56
knit to row 60
dec 1 st every 9 sts on row 61
knit to row 65
dec 1 st every 8 sts on row 66
knit to row 70
row 71, dec 1 at beginning and end of row
knit row 72, and 73
row 74 dec1 at beginning and end of row,
knit to row 130
seperate 34 sts (for heel)

Follow the rest of the basic sock pattern (above)for the rest of the foot.