Sunday, April 19, 2015

Unicorn Hoodie and Art Journals

First off, I wanted to start with a project I've been working on, but somehow got stalled in finishing.  But, I finished it today!  It started off as the base hoodie that you see, but it also came with a pair of pants.  Sadly the pair of pants had a hole in it, so I used the waistband which was blue, and the pant legs, which were the same grey, to make the ears and the horn, with a little bit of leftover flannelette I had.  Then out of other flannelette I made the mane.  I added glow in the dark braids to add that little something that makes me happy when I see glow in the dark stuff.

Secondly, I've been into Art Journals lately.  I had been looking at getting my own copy of Wreck This Journal for quite some time just to see what the fuss was about, since I saw it being referenced on Tumblr.  It's a huge help to get out of the artists block.  There's an entire series of books by the same author, Keri Smith, and I've added to that collection.

 The whole premise behind Wreck this Journal is to slowly work on pages to break you out of your comfort zone by wrecking the book, like it says on the front cover.

The book will get dirty, muddy, possibly set on fire, filled with glue, paint, and bizzare objects you might find.


( "The Spine" character is from Steam Powered Giraffe, I only used his likeness to do fan art on this page, which thankfully the band encourages.  I encourage you to listen to their music.)

I started in a "gentle" stage of going through the journal.  Doing some of the doodle type pages like this one above, and slowly started demolishing pages.  The first true wrecked page I did was giving the page that is labeled "bring the book into the shower" a bubble bath.  I coloured over it in Crayola markers because I knew they would run, and dunked it page first into the suds.

Eventually I started glueing things like tea and sparkles into the book, and I've had to re-tape some of the pages back in because the water damage from the initial dunking, and subsequent mud baths (and cracking the spine) was starting to wear and tear.

My first copy of Wreck this Journal which I started in late February is starting to get rather difficult to close these days. 

Wreck this Journal Everywhere is very similar.  It's smaller, but its designed for you to take it everywhere with you to encourage friends to wreck pages with you, get it dirty from nature, or just to doodle ideas.  Here is the cover untouched and fresh off the bookshelf at the store.  That is, before I started decorating the front cover.

The Pocket Scavanger is like a giant scavanger hunt in your everyday environment.  I'm working on this one with my husband since he comes up with some rather unique ideas even if he doesn't draw. It's also another book that is starting to not close properly given the giant seed pod we taped onto one of the pages last week.

F_nish Th_s B__k (Finish this book) instructs you to do each page one at a time and NOT skip ahead, unlike the other journals by Keri Smith.  This one stretches out your brain muscles to start thinking critically about things, and doing cool encryption puzzles.  I haven't done much in this book yet, but it looks like it will be interesting to complete.

This Is Not A Book.  This one is a strange addition to the book collection.  Much like Wreck this Journal, you can do any of the pages in any order, but it also gets you to think somewhat critically about what you are doing to each page.  You can do this one in any order. There are bonus pages on the website link posted inside the book, and you can discuss what happened to Page 42 on the website as well. 

Keri Smith has far more books than this that are on my "to pick up" list once I'm done with these ones. 

There's other books out there that are art journals similar to these.  The Anti-Journal by David Sinden looks interesting.  There's also adult colouring books to de-stress with by Richard Merritt.

Most of these art journals can be found at your local book store (I got mine at Indigo/Chapters). sells most of these as well for those who don't have access to big book stores.  The best part is you don't need super fancy or expensive art supplies to finish these books.  You can use what you already have, use dollar store supplies (I've used glue sticks and mod podge for mine), or even simple supplies like Crayola products (I've used crayons and markers in my books). 

If you don't want to buy an art journal, you can always make your own.  There are turorials on how to make your own book, or you can buy a blank art book and start coming up with your own ideas on embellishing the pages, creatively using mixed mediums to make something new. 

***A word of caution: Be careful when using certain glues or paints due to toxicity.  Also be sure that if you plan on burning a page, that you do so with non-toxic materials on the page, and do it in a flame proof container, and be sure to have fire fighting equipment available in case things get out of hand.  The pages can burn quite easily and everyone should practice safe habits when working with anything hot, or on fire.  PLEASE be careful and responsible in your art journaling! Please be sure to take all nessessary precautions when working with hazerdous materials and use protective equipment when handling potentially toxic materials.***

*** Please note, the author of this journal entry on this blog is not responsible for any injuries, loss of limb, fire damage, or any bodily harm to those that take up art journaling as a hobby***

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Jennifer said...

I've been following your wrecked journal's progress on facebook! Colouring books are fun......saw a great selection recently.

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