Sunday, April 24, 2016

LARP prop: Fabric psychic state counter - PDF instructions

At our LARP game, the club has been making efforts to minimize waste and littering while on the grounds.  We used to associate psychic abilities with purple duct tape.  Unfortunately,  the tape when used, didn't always make it to the garbage bin.

So, the club has been trying to find alternate methods.  I've been working to come up with ways to make reusable props, and eliminate litter and garbage.

I initially made a bead counter.(PDF format)  It is a good prop for a beginner, or an alternative to some of the other psychic state counters out there, but it does have some limitations. Getting the beads in and out of the sheath can be slow going.  It works great for a Psychic storage counter (we call these areas for psychic storage, a sanctum), but for on the fly battle encounters, these can be problematic in getting it into the sheathe in a hurry.

The benefit to both the bead counter, and the new fabric counter, is that you won't loose any ribbons or tape. 

This new counter makes it a bit easier to use the skills one has in a hurry, and reusing it is a ....snap!

This fabric snap system has the benefit of being fully washable, reusable, and can be made to fit almost anyone, and any colour scheme to match with your character's wardrobe.  Also because it is made out of fabric, with no lacquer, it won't get melted by bug spray.  I found over time that with the bead system, the outer coating and paint got sticky if it got doused in any bug repellent.

Follow this link to the fabric snap psychic counter tutorial. - PDF

Also, using this tutorial, you can make even larger counters by adjusting the instructions for the pattern.

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